Equip yourself
against plastic waste

Plastic will not pass through me! Now take action! Zero waste objective!

8 steps I can take for cleaner oceans:

1. No longer accept a single-use plastic bags
2. Say no to plastic straws
3. Replace plastic bottles with a metal bottle
4. At the coffee machine, swap the plastic cup for your own mug

5. Stop all single-use plastics
6. Use solid soap instead of shower gel and shampoo
7. Stop bringing plastic into the house
8. Refuse fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic


bottles, goblets, straws, pods…


shampoo, toothpaste, cotton swabs, micro-plastic filters…


plastic bags, cigarette butts, batteries…



Now that we can do Zero Waste every day, it is time to correct our mistakes of the past.

A green economy often consists of producing products that are good for people and good for the planet. But, alas for the moment these products are still far too expensive, and therefore reserved for those who can afford it.

As you know, nature does not reject any waste. Thus, in nature there is only human produced waste. It is therefore time to take inspiration from Nature by seeking to transform our own waste. We must seek new innovations to reintroduce our waste into the economy in new forms. Subsequently, we can create value and a new economy while having a negative pollution balance.

Here’s the Blue Economy: Start from our waste to find a way to recover it.
Find out about these companies that have developed new ways to use our waste.