Who are we?

Hi everyone,

my name is Damien, I am currently working in seabed mapping.

Thanks to this job, I spend 6 months at sea every year. During this time, I regularly observe the plastic pollution present on our coasts as well as offshore (Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, North Sea, Gulf of Thailand, Indonesia …).

Feeling useless and helpless in the face of this plague I began to recover plastic on each of my trips to the sea, which led me to the creation of this website.

It aims to highlight innovations that act on a large scale against all this pollution. It covers:

  • ​Explanations about plastic pollution in our oceans,
  • NGOs and associations that fight against this pollution,
  • Innovations allowing everyone to reduce their plastic pollution.

Thus, was born “Innovations oceans sans plastique”, which aims to bring together all current methods of combatting plastic pollution at sea.

Thanks to this site, I hope that more and more citizens will take a stand and actively participate in reducing the harmful impact of humans on our oceans.

Thank you for your help and support.