Innovations to retransform plastic

After recycling our plastic waste from everyday consumption (bottles, flasks, glasses, clothes, shoes, bags, watches, etc.), one solution would be to reprocess these plastics, which are so hard-earned and stupidly abandoned.

These mountains of waste of no apparent value are currently transformed into electricity or oil by enzymatic, pyrolysis and depolymerization processes.

Discover below a list of companies that are innovating in this direction, in order to transform our waste into energy.

Carbios - Innovations Océans sans plastiques

Carbios is the first and only company in the world developing biological processes for the end-of-life of plastics with the potential to engage the entire industry in a truly circular economy. The company is now moving to industrialization with two disruptive innovations, of which a process to infinitely recycle PET without any quality loss, opening the possibility to create a virtuous circular economy scheme.

Earth Wake - Innovations Océans sans plastiques

Earthwake Association aims to develop innovations to collect and recover plastic waste. It brings a concrete and effective solution with “Chrysalis”.

“Chrysalis” the principle of pyrolysis never developed with so much technicality.

Enerkem - Innovations Océans sans plastiques

Enerkem was born in Quebec with an ingenious idea: to make biofuels and renewable chemicals from non-recyclable residual materials.

An innovative and sustainable solution for waste management, energy diversification and the implementation of a circular economy.

Etia - Innovations Océans sans plastiques

ETIA is a French engineering group specializing in innovations, equipment and heat treatment processes. It offers a multitude of solutions for the thermal treatment of bulk products.

Their Biogreen system, delivered in a container, could be the solution to the problem of energy and plastic waste management. These containerized units allow a pyrolysis of plastics and a conversion of plastics into synthesis gas intended for the production of electricity, steam or heat.

ETIA works in partnership with the Race for Water association.

Ioniqa - Innovations Océans sans plastiques

Ioniqa is a Dutch company specialized in creating values from PET waste. They are able to set up a circular economy for plastic, thanks to their depolymerization method. This method transforms PET waste into “virgin quality” resources.

Upcycling processes for other types of plastics are under study and are expected to be launched in the near future.

Licella - Innovations Océans sans plastiques

Licella is an Australian company which proposes to use a hydrothermal recovery process in order to transform our plastic waste into oil, which can then be refined into biofuels or advanced chemicals. All in just 20 minutes.

Pyrum Innovations - Innovations Océans sans plastiques

Pyrum Innovations proposes to use the thermolysis process as a solution to recycling our waste. It is a process of thermal decomposition of organic substances in an oxygen-free atmosphere. It generates various types of raw materials: oil, gas, electricity, thermal energy, etc.

Pyrum Innovations, specialized in the recycling of rubber, plastics, carbon fibers, bituminous products, but also of various organic or mineral waste products. Their recycling process is already marketed worldwide and can be delivered fully functional straight away.

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