Recycle plastic waste

Building materials or how to recycle plastic waste on a large scale?

Furniture, Home (plastic brick), Synthetic Floor or Road… Here is a list of companies that give a second life to our plastic waste.

Furniture 100% recycled plastic

The company Plastic Whale has the mission to stop the plastic waste in our waters on a global scale. For this, they have successfully demonstrated that our plastic waste has a real economic value.

From the plastic waste collected on the canals of Amsterdam, they were able to recycle them into office furniture and boats. Boats subsequently used during their outings to pick up plastic wast.

The New Raw is a research and design studio based in Rotterdam. They are working on projects to set up a circular economy through the recycling of plastic waste and 3D printing.

​They showed through the Print Your City project in Thessaloniki, Greece and Amsterdam, the possibility of using the city’s plastic waste for the construction of public spaces with 3D robotic printing.

Thanks to Precious Plastic‘s open-source sharing, it is now possible for everyone to create their own alternative recycling system. Even set up your business around a product made from recycled plastic.

How to set up a collection point, a recycling space, transform plastic waste into new products or how to build a network in your city? Everything is accessible thanks to Precious Plastic’s global Open Source network.

Recycled plastic House

Conceptos Plasticos has started manufacturing recycled plastic bricks for home construction. This innovation has enabled the establishment of a circular economy and the creation of shelters in war zones (Guapi in May 2015).

The By-Fusion company makes building bricks from your waste. This provides a positive alternative, reducing housing deficits and the problem of plastic pollution present in developing countries.

The company JD Composites has developed a house made from more than 600,000 plastic bottles.

​But this is not the only remarkable point of this new innovation. This house can withstand winds of over 500 km / h and can withstand a higher than normal weight compared to traditional construction.

Ecodom is a company dedicated to the construction of ecological prefab housing. Their products are developed with the recycling of plastics and cardboard, which both reduces waste in the environment and build housing with a positive environmental impact. They have the capacity to recycle 15,000 kg of solid waste, which is equivalent to 1,200 prefabricated walls per week.

FabBRICK : building bricks made from recycled textiles. These bricks, which can allow the production of insulating partitions, can also be chosen in different colors depending on the recycled clothing.

More than 15,000 bricks have been made to date and used to fit out ready-to-wear boutiques. This corresponds to more than 8 tonnes of garments recycled in their workshops.

The Polyfloss Factory

The Polyfloss Factory have invented a machine inspired by the principle of candy floss making, to recycle plastic waste locally!

This plastic recycling machine producing fibers for insulation, packaging, textiles and molding.

There team of engineers will support you through training, study, and maintenance programs to properly use the machine and setup a safe and long-lasting recycling ecosystem.

Synthetic Floor Made from Fishing Nets, and Recycled Shoes

Fishing nets are most often lost or abandoned at sea, which ravage the marine ecosystem. Their presence in our oceans is called “ghost fishing”. These drifting nets catch fish or other marine species, causing death on their way.

Now, thanks to the Net-Works program, local people can recover and sell their used nets. These nets will also experience a second life in the form of carpet tiles through the company Interface which enjoys a source of completely recycled nylon.

Nike Grind materials are created from the recycling of their sports shoes. Their various components (rubber, foam, fiber, leather and textile) are separated and crushed into a wide range of pellets, to create new products such as: new footwear and clothing as well as sports and play surfaces.

Road made from recycled plastic

KWS, a subsidiary of VolkerWessels, is working hard to create the next generation of roads: PlasticRoad. Not only is its modular design lightweight, faster to install and more durable, PlasticRoad also provides a solution to a global environmental problem: the growing mountain of plastic waste.

Rajagopalan Vasudevan is an Indian engineer and chemist nicknamed “Plastic Man”. He invented a bitumen based on molten plastics (bottles, packaging and plastic bags). The coating of its roads contains 10% recycled plastic, which after eight years allows such a synthetic road to be only slightly degraded, unlike conventional roads.

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